Coworking is easy, building a real community is tough—and it’s what we do best. We are a curated collection of stellar humans and companies who give a damn about hard work and a life well-lived. Our members kick ass and take names across a wide range of work and play. Join us!

We Go Together!

Hello. Welcome local.

We offer three different memberships. Desk, Cafe, and Office. Everything is for a 1 year commitment. We can’t wait to meet you. First week is on us.

All Members

Being a Local comes with a lot of perks. Everyone has access to open seating at tables, couches, and bartops — so you can get your work on while sitting, standing, or lounging. You get super-fast fiber internet. You can print stuff if you need to. And you can park your bike inside.

Work hard. Play hard. Our space is full of natural light and plants. There are plenty of spaces to get away from your desk to change things up. Our goal is to provide everything you need to do your job other than your computer. Bring that and get some work done. You can stay hydrated with free beverages: we stock super-legit coffee from Methodical and beer from Community Tap.

You’ll be part of something rad. You get to join us for our monthly Zero Day event, and, most importantly, you join a community of over 100 designers, developers, writers, entrepreneurs, and hustling high-craft men and women. Basically, a sweet deal.

Desk Membership

$400/mo with 1 year license.

You get a private desk. All to yourself. Seated or standing, it’s all yours. And we’ll provide you with a chair. We promise not to move your stapler, either.

You get 24/7 access to AtLo. All the things. All the time. In addition to your desk, those things include: a 10-seat, bookable conference room; 2 private meeting rooms for you or your team; 4 soundproof phone booths.

You get access to unbeatable amenities. A world-class gym where you can get swole or do some yoga. Steam room for melting the stress away. Giant game room with meeting areas, billiards, shuffleboard, ping pong, and cush furniture to relax in. Theater Room for binging Game of Thrones or My Little Pony. Whatever floats your boat. Speaking of floating, we have a pool too!

Cafe Membership

$150/mo with 1 year license.

You get to switch it up during the work-week. 8am-6pm access to the AtLo open seating common spaces, Monday-Friday. You’ll have options for sitting, standing, or stretching out on the couch while you get your work on.

Office Membership

$750/mo with 1 year license.

You get a desk with its own room. Office membership comes with all the perks of desk membership plus a private office space to call your own. It has a door. You can leave it open or closed — amazing right?

Thank You

Thanks for reading up on us. We tried to cover the important stuff and be transparent about what makes a good fit with us. We answered some FAQs below, but we know us better than you do. So definitely contact us if you’ve got any questions we didn’t think of. We’d love to answer them and to set an appointment to show you around.


*One Year Licenses? We take membership payments monthly but ask for a 12 month commitment from our members. It’s how we get serious about community.

Do you rent your space to the public? At the moment we do not rent out our space for events or meeting rooms to nonmembers.

What the heck is Zero Day? On the first Friday of every month, we stop working that morning. We spend the time learning and talking about lessons learned, best practices, and some cool non-work stuff. Sometimes Locals present stuff. Sometimes we bring in experts. But it’s always fun and interesting and worth it.

Where do I sign up? Get in touch. We do tours by appointment only You can schedule that with via email and we will be back in contact, usually same day.

Where are you located? Atlas Local is nestled inside the lovely Brandon Mill at 25 Draper Street, Greenville SC.